How Long Has it Been Since You Saw Your GP? Why you need to check your health regularly

Divorce, separation and single life has many challenges – peace of mind in a time of change and uncertainty is such a blessing. Just like you have to be able to love yourself before you can love someone else, you too aren’t any good to your loved ones if you can’t look after yourself or if your health is suffering.

Now that you are single, separated and starting a new chapter in life, your priorities change a lot. You no longer have a partner to help you though the tough times, challenges and illness. Now, your health is the number one priority. Without your health, you are not able to look after your children, aging parents or family members, be a dependable friend or earn an income.

Very specifically, “health” refers to your mental, emotional and physical states. Knowing how your body manages and releases stress is paramount. It is a well-known phenomenon that if you don’t deal with the emotional side of divorce and separation, that it can manifest into cancer and other nasty health concerns. People who have tried to supress the stress of separation or a bad relationship have had it turn into different forms of cancer.

Don’t delay - Make your appointment with your dentist, GP, optometrist, gynaecologist, life coach, counsellor or psychologist. Whomever the professionals you engage (or should be engaging) for your overall health, make sure you are up-to-date and in the best state possible.

What price can you put on your health?


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