Binding Child Support Agreement

Children are expensive. Their needs are ever growing and ever demanding. Before you get to the point of angst or frustration, the Binding Child Support Agreement is like a costs agreement on items beyond minimum Child Support.

Manages expectations

Save the surprises and disappointment when asked for more money, by having a Binding Child Support Agreement. You will know what your financial liability is for your children at all times.

Quick and easy

The Binding Child Support Agreement is a quick and easy form that populates into the agreement. Being able to make unlimited changes, you know you can get this agreement spot on!

Legally binding

With the assistance and advice of your lawyer, this Binding Child Support Agreement becomes legally binding. Lodge it at court to have it secured as an Order.

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This isn't just for the "rich" people

Many people think that a Binding Child Support Agreement is just for the wealthy or those that exceed Child Support Australia’s uppermost threshold. A Binding Child Support Agreement is one item that more families should have access to and employ as part of good co-parenting habits.

Child support is not child maintenance

Child support doesn’t scratch the surface of covering the costs to raise a child. Children come with a host of additional extras which may be by choice or by necessity. Agree upon your maintenance items in advance using the Binding Child Support Agreement. Child Support is the bare minimum a parent can pay towards their child. By establishing an agreement of cost liability for child-specific items, you and your child’s other parent will know what to expect and where their financial responsibilities are for the children.

How much could you save by using the Agreement?

When you are charged between $350 and $600 per hour by a family lawyer, money is spent very quickly. From writing to reviewing and lodging the Binding Child Support Agreement, seven and a half chargeable hour could easily have been consumed – some lawyers even make their documents wordier than necessary to justify the cost. This means that the document was created at a cost to the client of $2,625 to $4,500. Divorce Answered offers these customisable documents at an affordable price with unlimited changes. This is a massive saving for the client, many whom are facing uncertain financial futures while offering the needed financial structure for the future.

A simple solution with resolution

R.C, Melbourne "I used the BSCA post all divorce agreements when we realised we were always negotiating on who was responsible for what costs. I wish that I had this order as a part of our parenting and financial agreements."

N.A, Sydney "I used this agreement to update my previous Binding Child Support Agreement. It was more more to the point than my previous lawyers version and a whole lot cheaper too!"

It's only to benefit your child

Don't let the financials become an ongoing source of bitterness between you and your ex-partner. Get clarity to the financial child maintenance responsibilities and liabilities for each parent with your Binding Child Support Agreement now!