"Knowledge is Power". Strengthen your position with the 'how to best separate:' e-book series

You have the power to get the knowledge. Throughout your divorce process, you will need to help yourself by being armed with as much relevant information as possible. Below is the growing range of E-books by Divorce Answered. They are incredibly detailed and offer a plethora of information for your consideration and at times are prescriptive. Use these books as a guide or suggested discussion topics for you and your lawyer.

Educate yourself

Knowing to navigate through divorce is difficult because every divorce is different. Divorce Answered has created a series of E-Books to help you navigate your way through particular divorce situations with tips, tricks and things to consider. Enjoy the confidence the comes with knowledge.

Drive your divorce

Once you have all of your tips, tricks and considerations, you will know what you should be asking your lawyer for or investigating (yourself) the appropriateness of particular suggestions. Then you can take appropriate action and drive your divorce forward!

Affordably priced

For many, when newly separated, finances can be tight or uncertain. The e-books have been priced at a small figure to ensure affordability for everyone without compromising the quality of the information contained within them. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

how to best separate: When Your Relationship Ends (Practical Workbook)

Many people feel uncertain and unsure of what they should do when they separate. Then, when they are given the direction, they feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to absorb and action. This e-book is perfect for the newly separated individuals to guide them with what they need to do when their relationship ends.

It is designed to help you reflect upon your relationship, guides you with the first essential steps so that you know you are moving in the right direction. You will learn who you need on your divorce team so that you are supported. It offers basic money management in divorce so that you protect your assets and preserve your funds for a later date. Learn how diarising can help you on your journey so that you have the right information when you need it and how to create financial independence so that you can create an amazing future.

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how to best separate: Domestic Violence

Most relationships have elements of domestic violence (DV), they simply vary in severity. DV often starts slowly and many people don’t realise they are victims until they learn what it is and stop making excuses for their spouse’s choices.

This e-book highlights what DV is, the different forms that it takes and what it may look or sound like so that you can better label the experiences in your relationship. It shares tips and strategies for victims of domestic violence so that they can feel empowered. It highlights how you can document what is happening or has happened to you so that you can rely upon it as evidence when you need. Finally, it contains a generous list of contacts and organisations to support you leave your relationship and re-establish yourself.

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how to best separate: Metal Health And Wellbeing

Divorce is a time of emotional overwhelm; It is a roller-coaster of feelings that can come in sudden waves which are out of your control. If you want to gain a better understanding of how you can support yourself emotionally, this e-book is for you.

You will understand the emotions experienced in divorce so that you can normalise what you are feeling. After you have accepted your feelings as normal, you can take steps to recover and support yourself emotionally so that you are stronger and more resilient. Then, the e-book shares ways that you can begin to rebuild your sense of ‘self’ after separation so that you feel like a ‘whole’ person again. Finally, for those going through a separation where one spouse is experiencing mental health concerns, there is an entire section to guide you on your journey so that you feel more in control and informed.

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how to best separate from a narcissist

The word 'narcissist' and 'narcissistic' is used a lot in divorce. Ending a relationship and moving away from a narcissist can be really difficult because you are taking away their power over you. When you can take control of your own life, you can begin start rebuilding your self-worth and self-confidence.

This e-book introduces what a narcissist is and the main qualities of a narcissist so that you can pin-point what may be happening to you. It explores how a narcissist behaves in a relationship and tips to divorce a narcissist so that you can take back your power. Co-parenting with a narcissist is also difficult so understanding what you can do that is in your realm of control helps to manage your own expectations. There are also unique family dynamics that that come into play when there is a narcissist and it can affect children differently. Being aware of this allows you to seek the right support services for you and your family. Finally, there are tips for working with a narcissist and the common treatment options available for narcissists.

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how to best separate: 100+ Ways To Save At Home

Separating means that your financials will change and for many people it means that they have to become more conscious of where and how they spend their money. Money is essential for food, shelter, transport and legal fees! This e-book highlights more than 100 different ways that you can save at home, in your divorce, lifestyle choices, how you buy and manage your food and even gifts and presents. It also offers guidance for you when you approach your bank and highlights how a budget helps you reduce debt faster, live within your means and save funds for your future.

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Everyday Mindfulness and Gratitude During Divorce

An attitude of gratitude helps you to appreciate what you have. Focusing on what you have, finding your centre, balance and peace will help you to navigate your divorce with a better perspective and be a better friend, partner (or ex-partner) and parent.

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The 15 Biggest Mistakes Made in Divorce

Some people learn by 'trail and error,' whereas others like to learn from another person's mistakes. This e-book details the 15 biggest mistakes that people make while divorcing and throughout separation. Take the head-start and make sure that you avoid these common errors.

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Divorce Answered is releasing further e-books in the "how to best separate:" series in the near future.