4 important steps to take at work when you separate


Now that you find yourself on your own following the break-down of a significant relationship, it is time to step-up and stand strong. You can do this by protect yourself and your income. Often your one of the important places to turn to is your workplace – when you aren’t at home, your workplace is often the next most frequented place in the week. When your relationship or marriage breaks down, there are four key items for you address with your workplace.


Contact your HR department and write to your manager to update them of your nominated emergency contact. If this person was your ex-spouse, it is helpful to provide the details of someone new either as a replacement to your ex-spouse or in addition to your ex-spouse.


Often couples have shared bank accounts and their wages are pooled together. However, it can be helpful for you to re-direct all (or some) of your wage into an account that is in your sole name. This way, you get to decide where and how the funds are spent and whether you share any or all of it with your ex-spouse.

Throughout divorce, money is a crucial factor. It is used to keep a roof over your head, fund transport and fuel for your stomach.


When you move and each time that you move, it is helpful for you to inform your workplace. Having accurate and up-to-date details is helpful in emergency situations. Further, you might like to set up a PO box to have your mail sent to so that you can ensure that only you have access to your mail.


Talk with your manager or HR department about planned or expected time out of the office. It is more helpful for your workplace to plan head for your anticipated time out of the office rather than unplanned absences. Reasons that you may need time away from the office include moving, mediation, appointments with your lawyer (that can’t be done by phone) and court. Your management and HR department can also inform you about leave entitlements as available to you and as offered by your workplace.

Your colleagues and management team will be more appreciative that you have been able to delegate critical parts of your workload on the days that you can’t be in the office. Delegating and helping your team members plan ahead helps to ensure the team can efficiently and productively operate during your absences.

Note: If you are experiencing Domestic Violence

it can be helpful to inform your workplace so that they can offer additional support or extra vigilance to ensure your wellbeing and safety is preserved.

These small steps can make a big difference to the journey that you undertake following break-up and separation. Money is crucial when separating – your income is used for transport, housing, sustenance as well as legal fees. Ensuring that your place of employment is aware of your challenges, contacting the right people in an emergency situation and ensuring that your income is sent to an appropriate account which you nominate guarantees that your place of employment will action your wishes as you requested. Express and written changes must be made by you before the company can make any changes to your employee file.

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